Alright so I got me a problem with m’Skype.

And note, I’ve been going to the Skype community forever to try and get this problem fixed but it ding-dong don’t wanna do shit no matter what I’ve tried and Skype community hasn’t answered my questions at all so I’ve turned to any and all smarties on tumblr to try and help me with this problem.

Quite frankly, I am rather aware that Skype is a piece of shit, hands down |D. My problem didn’t occur until the 6.18 update 4 months ago, and ever since then I have been having this huge problem of it crashing a few days later after I manage to actually get it stabilized enough to stop spazzing out.

So here’s some other details to include.


This is my log in screen whenever I decide to pop on. Don’t mind Misty in the background okay, lets just stay focused here.

Everything is pretty much normal for the amount of 3-4 days, and then suddenly Skype decides to crash on me and in order for me to actually log back in, I have to restart my computer at least once or twice to keep it from closing out on me.

Strange thing is, whenever it crashed and reopened, I get this log in screen.


Along with that message which has basically gone from whats displayed above to “A problem has arised, please restart and reopen the program” or something along those lines.

Along with this, when I manage to actually get into my Skype, three things happen.
-My Icon and status get reset
-My chat history is erased
-My contacts go into pending.

|D So if anyone can help me out with this problem, I would be very greatful. It’s been an annoying 4 months and I hate Skype mobile more than this problem because thats where I go when I get super irritated at this shit |D.